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Feedback from training participants

, red. Agata Warmińska

Feedback from participants of the first edition of the training.

„Friendly environment, informative and interesting presentations, theory/practice balance, and interaction.”

„The thing that I enjoyed the most was the group work and the communication.”

„Thank you very much. It was a really interesting challenge for me.”

„Thank you for the training! I will definitely need the acquired knowledge in achieving my goals.”

„I believe the training courses were thorough. I was able to grasp the concepts with the help of the learning materials. The bibliography in the learning materials provided a frame of reference to the topic. The classes allowed me to work on my doubts and see applications of the knowledge presented in the learning material.”

„I really liked the course of study. I would love to take part in such training again. Many thanks to the organizers of the training, as well as to the teachers for their professionalism.”

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